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Trim & Train

Sessions combining Barefoot trimming & Positive Reinforcement Training Travel Fees may apply

  • 1 hour
  • 60 US dollars
  • Austin

Service Description

Many horses struggle with hoof care, which is why I've created a unique Trim & Train service that seamlessly combines the art of barefoot trimming with the principles of positive reinforcement training. Whether your horse is nervous during trims, you're seeking a like-minded practitioner, or you envision your horse as a willing participant in the trimming process, I would love to work with you! Key Features: Stress-Free Environment: Is your horse nervous during trims? I will work with your horse to adjust the situation as needed, taking into consideration physical condition, old age, herd dynamics, and pain. Positive Reinforcement Training: Whether you're already utilizing positive reinforcement or wish to integrate it into your horse's training for a smoother trimming process, I am here to collaborate with you. Tailored Training Programs: If your horse requires positive reinforcement training to become more cooperative during trims, I will work with you to design a customized training program. Develop a bond with your horse that extends to every aspect of care, making the trimming process a collaborative and enjoyable experience. Holistic Approach to Hoof Health: I consider the overall health and lifestyle of your horse, and provide guidance on nutrition, environmental considerations, and management to promote optimal hoof health. Barefoot Trimming Expertise: I specialize in barefoot trimming techniques, prioritizing the natural health and balance of your horse's hooves. I began trimming in March 2019 with my first cadaver clinic and have continued to practice & learn since then, completing the Mackinaw Dells 2 Whole Horse Applied Hoof Care Course in 2021. Your horse's well-being is my priority, and I am dedicated to creating a partnership that extends to every step – literally.

Please Review the Cancellation Policy & Liability Release before booking

Booking a service constitutes an acknowledgement of and agreement to the Cancellation Policy

All New Clients will Need to Sign a Liability Release

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